We have two participant recruitment services: one for B2C that includes lots of automation to find, target and screen participants (with a final online validation step before progressing any applicants. And one for B2B that is a little more manual but which is still designed to deliver the best possible participants who match your specifications.

Couldn't be simpler. Read more below.

A little more about our approach to B2C participant recruitment:
Starts like any recruitment project, i.e. we immerse ourselves in your brief/ specifications/ screener.
Then we scour social media platforms for your target audiences.
Once identified, we create bespoke paid advertising campaigns to target those audiences.
When a consumer sees our ads online, the click a Call-To-Action button to learn more about your research.
And are taken to a standalone landing page on the Gromotion website where we share more information with them.
On that landing page is another Call-To-Action button that allows interested parties to apply for your research.
When they click this button, they are taken through an automated version of your screener.
And regardless of whether they pass your screener or not, all data is pulled through to a secure, GDPR-compliant spreadsheet (which you can view).
When prospective participants are selected, we then ask them to book an online validation call with us...
As the name suggests, this call allows us to hear and see the participant, sense-check their suitability, and even ask spontaneous questions of the research subject matter (if appropriate). If we feel they are not suitable for participation, we will replace them for you.
As your fieldwork period approaches, we'll check in with recruits 24 hours before your sessions. Then again on the day of the research sessions. Again, if there are any late drop-outs, we will do our utmost to replace them as soon as possible.
We also make ourselves available to support you immediately before your research sessions are due to begin, cajoling and nudging participants. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy a full compliment of participants who positively contribute to your research.
And if it helps, we can also take care of incentive handling and fulfilment for you too, offering a range of payment options, and promising to pay all incentives with 2 working days of participation.

A little more about our approach to B2B participant recruitment:
It follows a similar pattern to the approach outlined above...
The only real difference is that it is a lot more manual in nature...
Again, we use social media platforms as the source for your participants, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter.
But rather than self-select to apply as consumers do in our B2C approach, B2B audiences are approached by trained members of the Gromotion team on the platforms, via email, and via the phone.
If interested, we still encourage everyone to complete your screener. Or, in the absence of a screener, we'll share their profiles with you after ensuring the meet high-level criteria. Either way, you get to review the quality before deciding whether to progress or not.
And like B2C, we are happy to lighten your load and take on any incentive handling responsibilities.