How does Gromotion ensure the quality of participants recruited?

At Gromotion, delivering high quality research recruitment is one of the cornerstones of what we do. To ensure the quality of our recruits, we employ a multi-step qualification process that begins with leveraging known social data fields (such as demographics, behaviours & interests) and using them to target your required audiences. We then sense-check this information with applicants through an automated screening and profiling process. Finally, we then speak with recruits to get a feel for their communication skills, but to also validate your specifications. All data captured is shared with you in real-time via secure could-based software, allowing you to keep track of our progress but also delivering a level of transparency regarding recruitment offered elsewhere. We then work with you to decide which qualified candidates to invite into your research fieldwork.

Can Gromotion target hard-to-reach audiences?

Linked to the previous question, Yes. When we receive a new enquiry, the first thing we do is run feasibility queries on social networks to understand how large the target audience population size is. Once established, we can quickly update you on the feasibility of your project. The benefit of using social networks for recruitment purposes is that they are significantly bigger than any panel provider (or list provider or consumer database). With over 2 billion active social network users worldwide, it’s hard to imagine too many audiences we can’t reach. And even if they are ultra-niche, we can still look to establish feasibility and consider other creative ways we can target your audience.

Does Gromotion only support the UK market research industry?

We are a UK based recruitment agency, so it’s only natural that the UK Market Research Industry is where the majority of our clients originate. However, the UK industry has always been rich in multi-country studies and this has led Gromotion to be asked to support research recruitment efforts across Europe, North America and beyond. At the same time, we also have clients in other regions across the globe too.

Does Gromotion only recruit participants for qualitative purposes?

Currently, Yes. While we can support quantitative requirements, often the cost is prohibitive to clients used to paying panel provider rates. However, this is an area of potential future growth for Gromotion and so we continue to explore ways in which we can free-find and recruit large numbers cost-efficiently. Please full free to check-in from time to time for further updates.

What's so different about Gromotion's service?

Aside from the 20+ years research experience that gives us a better insight into and empathy for the needs of researchers? Or the belief that too many recruiters are stuck with out-dated methods and need to join the 21st century? We think it’s possible down to our relentless quest to keep on finding ways of adding value to our services, such as offering suggestions on how to improve screener questionnaire flow or adding excess qualified candidates to a reserve list so you don’t have to pay for over-recruiting, but in truth it probably boils down to our passion for making a positive difference to an industry that has treated us well. Time to pay it forward, right?

How long does Gromotion typically take to recruit?

Let us answer the question with a question - do you need your recruitment to happen quickly? Not everyone does! Some researchers like the research recruitment time to properly prepare and think through their client’s needs. Others have clients that want the research to happen ASAP, but the reality is they can’t move that quickly due to internal reporting structures and organisational bureaucracy. Don’t get us wrong, if you need us to move fast, we can. We have a viewing facility client where we start a new free-find for them every week - but every now and then they throw in an additional recruitment request and we turn this around in days (fastest time was less than 48 hours). Typically though, we ask for a minimum of 10 days to recruit B2C and 15 days for B2B purposes.

What are Gromotion's typical recruitment costs?

Anyone who’s been around the Research Industry long enough knows that every (ad hoc) project is different and this means coast vary from project to project. At Gromotion however, we are happy to offer transparency and share that our B2C costs start at £85 per recruit and B2B costs at £150 per recruit. Of course, if your screening is complex, then these prices will rise. Similarly, if your audiences don’t exist in large numbers, then the cost will rise too. Our project management fees start at £300 for smaller projects but increase in cost based on the number of markets involved, the number of recruits required per market, and the complexity of any audience quotas set. Of course, we are happy to chat through all of the above and generate indicative costs for you.

Does Gromotion offer any other services?

Yes, we also offer such related services as screener development and incentive management/ payment. But we also have a sizeable community of freelance moderators available across the globe and covering many different specialisms. If you are looking for some moderator support, be sure to ask us if we can help.


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